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A very simple tool to generate static websites from sources in different formats, inspired by Hakyll, written in Perl 6.

Under heavy development, things will change.. you have been warned!


The basic idea is to define a router and a compiler for sets of files. The router is used to define how the final destination of the file is built from the original file path. And the compiler is used to build the final HTML from the source file. There are some previously defined routers and compilers available.

use Pekyll;
use Pekyll::Routers;
use Pekyll::Compilers;

my %rules = (
    'assets/*' => { router=>&router_id, compiler=>&plain_copy },
    'static/*' => { router=>&ext2html,  compiler=>&compile_static },
    '_end'     => &wrap_up,

my $pekyll = Pekyll.new(:%rules);
$pekyll.build('src', 'dist');

sub compile_static($src, $target) { ...  }
sub wrap_up($dst) { ... }

In a nutshell this reads for every file in source directory assets use the router_id function to build the final path for the file (the same in this case), and the plain_copy function to build the final file.

The special _end rule is executed once (in the end), useful for generating feeds, or special page.


For a more complex example visit this repository.