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CoreHackers::Sourcery - Show source locations of core methods and subs


    use CoreHackers::Sourcery;

    # OUTPUT:
    # src/core/io_operators.pm:22 https://github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/c843682/src/core/io_operators.pm#L22

    put sourcery Int, 'abs';         # method called on a type object
    put sourcery 42,  'split';       # method called on an Int object
    put sourcery 42,  'base', \(16); # method call with args


Update: as of Rakudo v2016.10.286.g.2.e.9.e.89.b, the .line and .file reported by the methods indicate original files, making this module less useful... but still working.

When calling .line or .file on core Code objects, you get a line in the setting. The setting is a giant file, so such information is not ideal when trying to locate the place to edit the code.

This module provides the actual location of the sub or method definition in Rakudo's source code.


Related blog post: http://perl6.party/post/Perl-6-Core-Hacking-Wheres-Da-Sauce-Boss



    &say.sourcery.put;        # location of the `proto`
    &say.sourcery('foo').put; # location of the candidate that can do 'foo'

The core Code class and its core subclasses get augmented with .sourcery method. Calling this method with no arguments provides the location of the method or sub, or the proto of the multi.

When called with arguments, returns the location of the narrowest candidate, possibly dieing if no candidate can be found.

Returns a list of two strings: the file:line-number referring to the core file and the GitHub URL.



    put sourcery &say;              # just Code object
    put sourcery &say, \('foo');    # find best candidate for a Code object
    put sourcery Int, 'abs';        # method `abs` on a type object

    # find best candidate for method `base` on object 42, with argument `16`
    put sourcery 42, 'base', \(16);

Operates similar to the method form, except allows more flexibility, such as passing object/method names. Returns a list of two strings: the file:line-number referring to the core file and the GitHub URL.



The location of the setting file. Defaults to:


This will generally work for most installs.


Fork this module on GitHub: https://github.com/raku-community-module/perl6-CoreHackers-Sourcery


To report bugs or request features, please use https://github.com/raku-community-module/perl6-CoreHackers-Sourcery/issues


Zoffix Znet (http://zoffix.com/)


You can use and distribute this module under the terms of the The Artistic License 2.0. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution for complete details.

The META6.json file of this distribution may be distributed and modified without restrictions or attribution.