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Provides to-seconds(), from-seconds(), duration-from-to() and the ability to perform certain math operations on DateTime objects.

use DateTime::Math; ## Given $dt1 and $dt2 are both DateTime objects. my $days = from-seconds($dt2 - $dt1, 'd'); say "The events where $days days apart"; my $target = $dt1 + to-seconds(1, 'M'); say "One month after $dt1 would be $target"; my $hours = duration-from-to(3, 'y', 'h'); say "3 years contains $hours hours.";

The math functions allowed are:

~~And comparisons:~~

Note: Rakudo has since implemented internal DateTime comparisons, therefore DateTime::Math's comparisons have been removed.

Note that all of the math operations on DateTime objects are using the POSIX time, which is stored as seconds, so it does not support sub-second math at this time.


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