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MIME::Base64 - Encoding and decoding Base64 ASCII strings. A Raku implementation of MIME::Base64


Implements encoding and decoding to and from base64.


Version 1.1 and later works on latest Rakudo based on nom. For earlier versions of Rakudo based on ng, please use v1.0 (see tag v1.0-ng).

Example Usage

use MIME::Base64;

my $encoded = MIME::Base64.encode-str("xyzzy‽");
my $decoded = MIME::Base64.decode-str($encoded);


use MIME::Base64;

my $encoded     = MIME::Base64.encode($blob);
my $decoded-buf = MIME::Base64.decode($encoded);


encode(Blob $data, :$oneline --> Str)

Encodeѕ binary data $data in base64 format.

By default, the output is wrapped every 76 characters. If :$oneline is set, wrapping will be disabled.

decode(Str $encoded --> Buf)

Decodes base64 encoded data into a binary buffer.

encode-str(Str $string, :$oneline --> Str)

Encodes $string into base64, assuming utf8 encoding.

(Ιnternally calls .encode($string.encode('utf8')) )

decode-str(Str $encoded --> Str)

Decodes $encoded into a string, assuming utf8 encoding.

(Internally calls .decode($encoded).decode('utf8') )

Compatibility Methods

encode_base64(Str $string --> Str)

Calls .encode-str($string)

decode_base64(Str $encoded --> Str)

Calls .decode-str($encoded)


Pure Raku implementation of base64 encoding.

Known Issues

The previous precompilation issue has been fixed. The master branch should now be usable for all backends.

Use these files at your risk and without warranty. This module may be used under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.

Written by Adrian White.