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Template6: A Template Engine for Raku

Inspired by Template Toolkit from Perl, Template6 is a simple template engine designed to be a content-neutral template language.

I also intend to borrow features and ideas from my own Flower and Garden projects.

This project does not intend to create an exact clone of Template Toolkit. Some features from TT are not planned for inclusion, and likewise, some feature will be included that are not in TT. Not all features will work the same either.

Currently implemented features

Differences with Template Toolkit



Short Term Goals

Long Term Goals

Possible future directions

I would also like to investigate the potential for an alternative to Template6::Parser that generates Raku closures without the use of eval. This would be far trickier, and would not be compatible with the precompiled templates, but would be an interesting exercise nonetheless.


This was build by Timothy Totten. You can find me on #raku with the nickname supernovus.


Artistic License 2.0