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A Perl 6 module to find all the URL's in a set of text.


By default it will match domain names that use unicode characters such as http://правительство.рф. To only match ASCII domains use the :ascii option. It will also find URL's that end in one of the restricted characters, so https://www.google.com, will pull out https://www.google.com. It will find all the URL's in a text by default, or you can specify a maximum number with the :limit option. By default it will only find http, https, ftp, git and ssh schemes, but you can specify :any<1> to match any schemes with legal characters..

sub find-urls

sub find-urls(
    Str $string, 
    Num :$limit is copy, 
) returns List

Accepts a string and returns a list of URL's. Optionally you can specify a limit to the number of URL's returned, or whether you want to only match URL's with ASCII domain names: :ascii<1> Matches only http https ftp git and ssh schemes by default. To match any scheme, use :any<1>


Samantha McVey (samcv) samantham@posteo.net


This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.