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Revision history for Terminal-Boxer

0.3.0 - Fix a few minor problems automated testing was stumbling over,
          no functional changes.

0.2.1 - Fix a few minor documentation typos.
        Replace deprecated :cell parameter with :cw in test file.

0.2 -   Added capability to box multi-line content elements. Will
        automatically adjust height to the maximum element height,
        probably better to specify a width if there are multi-line
        elements. It will probably guess to wide.

        Default to justify to right of center for "uneven" elements.

        Change :cell parameter to :cw (cell width). Still will accept
        a :cell parameter, but it may go away in the future.

        Added a :ch (cell height) parameter to specify a particular cell
        height for multi-line cell contents.
        (The reason for the :cell -> :cw change.)

        Add tests for new behavior.

0.1 -   Initial version