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v0.5.0	2019-12-01

    * BREAKING: Upgrading to support v0.9.Draft of RakuWAPI, which changes the
      names of lots of things. The most important bit is that p6w.input is now

v0.4.1	2019-09-06
    * Bugfix: Tests were failing because allomorphs were not added to tests.

v0.4.0	2019-09-05

    * Bufix: When using IO::Socket::Async::SSL, we may get empty packets, which
      sometimes confused the response parser.
    * Use allomorphs for request header values. This could be considered a bug
      fix as it makes the %env returned a better match to the P6WAPI spec.

v0.3.5	2019-01-07

    * We work harder not to emit 0 byte bufs in the body.
    * Responses with no Content-Length now work.
    * A body that is too short should result in an exception.

v0.3.4	2018-12-23

    * Bugfix: Fixing missing provides in the META6.json
v0.3.2	2018-12-23

    * Bugfix: Previous releases did not handle trailers correctly. They were
      being emitted with the body as a hash, but should have been emitted as a
    * Adds testing for response pipelines.

v0.3.1	2018-12-21

    * Corrected missing HTTP::Supply::Request to DEPRECATED old name in the
      provides section of the META6.

v0.3.0	2018-12-21

    * BREAKING: X::HTTP::Request::Supply::UnsupportedProtocol has been
      renamed to X::HTTP::Supply::UnsupportedProtocol.
    * BREAKING: X::HTTP::Request::Supply::BadRequest has been renamed to
    * DEPRECATED: HTTP::Request::Supply has been renamed to
      HTTP::Supply::Request with the distribution now being named HTTP::Supply.
    * HTTP::Supply::Response has been added to perform the
      complementary response parser for HTTP/1.x pipelines.
    * All exceptions thrown now inherit from X::HTTP::Supply.

v0.2.0	2018-12-17

    * Complete rewrite of the core parser, modeled after the RequestParser class
      of Cro.

v0.1.2	2018-11-11

    * Fix location of use v6 for v6.d. :(


    * Initial release.