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Raku interface for Ethereum blockchain

A Raku interface for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and ecosystem via JSON RPC API.


Quick start: compile and deploy new contract

#!/usr/bin/env raku use Net::Ethereum; my $ne = Net::Ethereum.new( api_url => '', show_progress => True, unlockpwd => 'ospasswd', ); my %h = $ne.compile_and_deploy_contract( contract_src_path => './sample.sol', compile_output_path => './compile', ); %h.gist.say;

Net::Ethereum class attributes

API documentation

This module was ported from Perl5 Net::Ethereum with core refactoring and breaking changes. Original P5 documentation could be incompatible with Raku Net::Ethereum, so feel free to report issues.

Known API differences

In Perl5 Net::Ethereum there are wait_for_contract and wait_for_transaction subroutines. Quick look for source code shows that this functions are very similar. In Raku Net::Ethereum we have one common method wait_for_transaction().

method wait_for_transaction( :@hashes!, Int :$iters?, Bool :$contract? ) returns Array { ... }

Method arguments are:

Running tests from test-bundle

Tests from test-bundle are rather adjustable and full function testing is available if:

If your node running on different port, use helper-script hooks/forward.sh for quick forwarding:

./forward.sh 8501 <your_actual_node_port>


You should set contract transaction hash at global env variable TXHASH:

export TXHASH=0x244409bb2cced62a2b93b2688167438ef47f60f1b5aa8b6c64e9de460ddec604

Run tests

Test could be ran with prove or prove6:

prove6 ./t
prove -ve 'raku -Ilib'


Please contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter. Your feedback is welcome at narkhov.pro.

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