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BTree - Simple Binary Tree Role with pretty printing


use BTree;
class IntTree does BTree[Int] {};
my IntTree(Str) $tree = "1(2)(3)";
say $tree;
2 3


BTree is intended to be a simple role that can be used to represent binary trees. It's intended to be a basis for a series of different types for trees.

BTree's are immutable, classes that modify the tree should return a new tree object.


role BTree[
    BTree::Renderer :$gist-renderer=BTree::PrettyTree,
    BTree::Renderer :$Str-renderer=BTree::PrettyTree,

The BTree Role accepts one postional and two named parameters :


The type of object it should allow (defaulting to Any)


An output renderer used for creating the BTree's gist representation. The default for this is BTree::PrettyTree but any class that does BTree::Renderer will work.


An output renderer used for creating the BTree's Str representation. The default for this is BasicStrRenderer but any class that does BTree::Renderer will work.


The default constructor takes two named arguments :

ValueType :$value

The value of the current node

Array[BTree] :@nodes[2]

An array of 0-2 BTree nodes that are the children of the current node.

The role also allows for basic string coercion where a tree can be represented with the following structure.


Where value is a Str that can be coerced into a ValueType and node1 and node2 another BTree representation. The Str method should produce a value that can be coered into a BTree of the appropriate ValueType.


has ValueType $.value

The current nodes value

has Positional[BTree] @!nodes

The child nodes


method nodes

method nodes() returns Array[BTree]

The child nodes of this node, undefined nodes will not be returned.

method elems

method elems() returns UInt

Returns the number of defined nodes for the current node. Note that the elems method does NOT return the count of all nodes in the tree just the current nodes children.

method Str

method Str() returns Str

Returns a Str representation of the tree using the :$Str-renderer parameter

method gist

method gist() returns Str

Returns the gist for this tree using the defined $gist-renderer parameter

method raku

method raku() returns Str

Returns a raku representation of the tree


Scimon Proctor simon.proctor@gmail.com


Copyright 2021 Scimon Proctor

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.