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Revision history for SQL-Builder

0.1.0  2023-07-08T16:11:42-05:00
    - Remove deprecated Pair syntax for column aliases in `select/returning` clauses
    - Remove deprecated Pair syntax for table aliases in `from` clause
    - Change where clause syntax to use AND logic for multiple items (instead of `:and`)

0.0.3  2023-05-25T22:12:39-05:00
    - Implement builders for insert/update/delete statements
    - Implement syntax for order-by descending
    - Implement new preferred syntax for column and subquery alias naming

0.0.2  2023-05-07T22:20:55-05:00
    - Fix clone method
    - Update documentation and add more tests

0.0.1  2023-05-06T19:39:47-05:00
    - Initial version