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This module is a set of tools for dealing with ABC music files in Raku (formerly known as Perl 6).

There are several scripts in bin/ built on the library:

* abc2ly: converts an ABC file to the Lilypond ly format, then invokes Lilypond on it to create high quality sheet music.  If you install ABC using zef you should just be able to say

    abc2ly wedding.abc

to convert wedding.abc to wedding.ly and then invoke Lilypond to convert it to

NOTE: Lilypond also has an abc2ly script; last time I tried it it produced
hideous looking output from Lilypond.  If you've got both installed, you will
have to make sure the Raku bin of abc2ly appears first in your PATH.

* abc2book: Given an ABC file and a “book” file, this makes a book PDF.  This uses Lilypond for music formatting, LaTeX for table of contents and index of tunes, and qpdf to stitch the results together into one file.

* abctranspose: Does just what the name implies.

As of 7/6/2020, it works with every recent version of Raku I’ve tried.