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Revision history for CSS-Stylesheet

0.1.0  2022-06-21T10:47:51+12:00
   - Uploaded to zef ecosystem

0.0.29  2021-11-10T07:50:48+13:00
   - Deprecate page() method in favour of page-properties()
   - Add COERCE() method for implicit parse from string

0.0.28  2021-09-27T07:53:16+13:00
    - Import and update script css-rewriter.raku from CSS

0.0.27  2021-09-25T14:46:24+12:00
    - Rename option :import -> :imports
    - Disable fontconfig tests by default. Help tests pass on Windows

0.0.26  2021-09-20T11:13:03+12:00
    - Fix @media scoping on nested imports
    - Fix base-url path construction on nested imports.
      Note: base-url default has change from '.' to './'

0.0.25  2021-09-18T08:35:14+12:00
    - Defer loading of `@import` sources; make it lazy. There's no need
      to fetch resources which don't match the current media.

0.0.24  2021-09-17T11:54:31+12:00
    - Fix handling of nested @media rules #2
    - Handle @import rules, including media-list selections. http, https,
      and local files only.

0.0.23  2021-09-08T09:27:33+12:00
    - Integrate with CSS::Font::Resources. Add method font-resources()
      which returns a list of matching fonts using @font-face declarations.

0.0.22  2021-08-06T12:47:54+12:00
    - Implement @font-face rules. Fonts properties can be
      accessed by font-face(), which returns a list, or
      font-face($family), to select by family name.

0.0.21  2021-05-20T06:58:25+12:00
    - Fix and test media selection. Broken in 0.0.20

0.0.20  2021-05-19T13:22:39+12:00
    - Add CSS::MediaQuery
    - Add documentation for creating a stylesheet from scratch. Uses CSS::MediaQuery
      along with new coercements for RuleSets and Selectors

0.0.19  2021-05-18T11:55:31+12:00
    - Add CSS::AtPageRule and support for '@page' at-rules, including
      embedded margin boxes @page { ... @top-center{ ... } ... }

0.0.18  2021-05-13T08:47:25+12:00
    - Add POD documentation + generated markdown in docs/ directory

0.0.17  2021-05-06T08:30:25+12:00
    - Initial release. Module factored out from CSS v0.0.16