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Revision history for FontConfig

0.1.4  2023-08-25T07:01:21+12:00
   - Rename :$limit option to :$best on pattern matches. Make
     this option work on arrays as well as iterator series

0.1.3  2023-08-03T12:44:50+12:00
    - Turn familylang, stylelang, fullnamelang, namelang into
      Hash maps by language code

0.1.2  2023-08-03T08:56:13+12:00
    - Add :$limit option to series
    - Fix series iterator

0.1.1  2023-07-28T06:31:41+12:00
    - Define FcMatrix struct

0.1.0  2023-07-24T04:13:21+12:00
    - Added classes FontConfig::Pattern, FontConfig::Match and
    - Missing objects now return specific type. e.g. a missing
      $patt.aspect returns Num:U instead of Any:U.

0.0.4  2022-04-21T14:32:39+12:00
    - Fix testing and handling of zero pattern matches
    - Added FontConfig.set-config-file() configuration  method

0.0.3  2022-02-02T12:10:52+13:00
    - Add query-ft-face() which returns a pattern for an existing FreeType

0.0.2  2022-01-28T11:33:30+13:00
    - Handle lists. e.g. $patt.family = ;

0.0.1  2022-01-27T16:52:44+13:00
    - Initial version