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Exportable - Simple function exporting


Import in module code, and apply trait to exportable subs. Tags work normally

use Exportable;

module Foo {
    our sub foo is exportable { ... }
    our sub bar is exportable(:b) { ... }
    our sub baz is exportable(:b) { ... }
    our sub qux { ... }

Module users can now import subs by name...

use Foo <foo bar baz>;

or with tags...

use Foo :b;  # 'foo' not imported


Exportable makes it simple to explicitly declare exportable functions from your module.

There's already an export sub trait, but it pollute the users namespace. The exportable trait is almost identical, except it does not export by default.

There's no need to write the function name a second time, and/or write your own complicated EXPORT sub.

This module is fairly sparse in what it does on purpose, but if you think there is a glaring omission, raise an issue.


Due to how this module works, it must be imported outside the module scope. Typically this is done either above a Module block (as shown in the SYNOPSIS), or above a unit scoped module.

use Exportable;
unit module Foo;
our sub foo is exportable { ... }
our sub bar is exportable(:b) { ... }

On a side note, declaring public facing subs as our scoped is a courtesy to users who may not wish to import any functions, and instead use the fully-qualified name, eg. Foo::bar().


This module was written after a wrote a blog post talking about the function exporting in Raku. Special thanks goes to FCO, who helped by figuring out most the core in this module.