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Using Cro templates in a Hash

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Differences from CWT documentation
sub templates-from-hash( %hash-of-templates )
sub render-template( $template, $topic, :%parts, :build($)! )
sub modify-template-hash( %templates )
sub wait-for-hash-template-completion


This module uses the Cro template language Cro::WebApp::Template (called CWT below) where the templates are in a Hash.

CWT is aimed at templates that exist as files in some directory / folder, whether on a server or in an online resource. Consequently, each template is contained in a single file. A collection of templates exists under a root directory. The directory may be on-line or local. This paradigm implies the request-response of a server hosted website, with the template used being dependent on the request.

In a Build context that is designed to be distributed via a CDN the structural HTML of a website is static. Consequently, all the templates needed for the structure are known before any incoming request. User interaction with the website is confined to micro-service interfaces, each of which have their own server request/responses.

The structural templates can therefore be collected before creating the HTML and can be placed in a Hash. This also allows for templates to use other templates in the Hash via the <:use> tag.


    use v6.d;
    use Cro::WebApp::Template::Repository::Hash;
    # gather template strings
    my %temps = %(
       'format-b' => '<strong><.contents></strong>',
        'heading' => q:to/HEADING/ ,
            <:sub heading($level=1,:$close=False)>

            <<&heading(.level)> id="<.target>">
            <a href="#<.top>" class="u" title="go to top of document">
    # the following is required to create a Build repository, otherwise the
    # default Filesystem repository will be used.
    templates-from-hash %temps;
    # later
    my $parameters = %( :1level, :target<https://docs.raku.org>, :top<__TOP>,
        :text("This is a title") );
    say render-template('heading', $parameters, :hash);


Uses Cro::WebApp::Template

Differences from CWT documentation

sub templates-from-hash( %hash-of-templates )

The sub must be called with each value of %hash-of-templates containing a valid crotmp template before using render-template.

sub render-template( $template, $topic, :%parts, :build($)! )

render-template is used in the same way as documented CWT.

sub modify-template-hash( %templates )

This sub can only be used after templates-from-hash, which creates a Build repository. It is NOP otherwise.

The values in %templates over-ride the value in the repository if it was set by templates-from-hash or adds to the repository if the key did not previously exist.

sub wait-for-hash-template-completion

waits for all the compilation promises to stop returning Planned on a status call.

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