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    # Pod::From::Cache

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Caution Caution
Ignore Files
Examples / testing


This is a replacement for Pod::To::Cached, which will be mothballed. The module relies only on the CompUnit Modules.

Caution Caution

Pod::From::Cache relies on the Precomp Modules which are designed to provide precompiled code as quickly as possible. Once a cache has been loaded it is difficult to make changes to the cache in the same program. Consequently it is not possible to change a source on file and for the change to be detected in the same program.


    use v6.d;
    use Pod::From::Cache;

    my $cache = Pod::From::Cache.new;
    # used the default values of
    # - :extensions = <rakudoc rakumod pod pod6 p6 pm pm6>
    # - :doc-source = 'docs',
    # - :cache-path = 'rakudoc_cache'

    say "Files changed since the cache was last refreshed";
    say '(None)' unless +$cache.list-files;
    .say for $cache.list-files;

    # Get and use pod in a source
    dd $cache.pod( $cache.sources[0] );

    rm-cache( 'rakudoc_cache' );
    # removes the cache directory using OS dependent methods.

    # if the sources are within a git repository, then the following have an effect

    say $cache.last-edited('doc/Language/intro.rakudoc')
    # returns the date git reports for the file from the log with format C<%cs>.

    say $cache.source-last-commit
    # provides the git commit id for the repository


When an instance of Pod::From::Cache is created, it recursively descends the directory starting at :doc-source and extracts all files that match the extensions in the list given by :extensions.

If a Precomp repository exists under the directory given by :cache-path, then any source that is newer than the source in the cache is renewed, and a list of refreshed-pods is collected.

If a repository does not exist, then all files will be added to it.

The list of refreshed files can be obtained as either

All of the files found by the recursive descent can be found in $cache.sources.

Once $cache is instantiated, then the pod for a source file can be obtained as

$cache.pod( 'Language/Raku-101.pod' );


my Pod::From::Cache $p .= new( :progress( &count ) );
# somewhere else
sub count(:$start, :$end) { # show a start, then decrease, or inverse thereof }

Optionally a closure with signature (:start, :end) can be provided that will show progress in some way. This is provided because large Pod6 files take considerable time to process.

Ignore Files

It is possible to place a file .ignore-cache in the directory specified by :doc-source (by default docs). An ignore list can be provided via :ignore when the object is instantiated.

Each line should be the name of a file (and the path relative to the :doc-source directory) that is to be ignored.

Any file exactly matching a file in .ignore-cache will not be included in the sources added to the cache.

If the .pod method is called with a file matching a name in .ignore-cache, it will return Nil, rather than a pod tree.


The following exceptions are thrown.

Examples / testing

Examples for use can be seen in the extra tests. Set the NoDelete environment variable to prevent the test directories from being deleted for inspection. Make sure to run the xt tests again without the NoDelete variable to clean the test directory.

NoDelete=1 prove6 -I. xt/

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