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Digests in raku

This is a pure raku repository implementing some digest algorithms.

As of today (march 2023), raku still is fairly slow so if you need a faster way to compute digest, consider using a nativecall binding to the OpenSSL library instead.


Nb. Since commit 911c292688ad056a98285f7930297c5e1aea3bfb, there is no Digest module anymore, the submodules, Digest::MD5, Digest::SHA1 and so on must be used directly.

use Digest::MD5;
say md5      "hello";
use HMAC;
say hmac
  key => "key",
  msg => "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog", 
  hash => &md5,
  block-size => 64;

use Digest::SHA1;
say sha1     "Hola";

use Digest::SHA2;
say sha256   "Привет"; 

use Digest::RIPEMD;
say rmd160   "Saluton";

use Digest::SHA3;
say sha3_256 "Bonjour";
say shake256 "Merhaba", 16;

# This will keep printing blocks
.say for shake256 "नमस्ते", *;


Currently implemented:


This work is published under the terms of the artistic license, as rakudo is. See LICENSE file.