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A module for Raku that makes it incredibly easy to be alerted when clock rollovers occur (e.g. when the minute or hour ticks up).

Using it is very simple:

use DateTime::React;

react {
    whenever minute-shifts { 
        say "We've gone from ??:??:59 to ??:??:00!";
    whenever hour-shifts {
        say "We've gone from ??:59:59 to to ??:00:00!"; 
    whenever day-shifts {
        say "We've gone from 23:59:59 to to 00:00:00!"; 
    whenever timezone-shifts -> $shift {
        say "The offset in {$shift.timezone} is now {$shift.new-offset}!"; 

Other time options presently include month-shifts and year-shifts (these are pegged to the Gregorian calendar).

Each supply emits a meta event of type DateTimeEventish. It provides three values:

Currently, only timezone-shifts() provides additional metadata:

When using timezone-shifts(), this module will (currently) automatically adjust the $*TZ value for you so that new DateTime objects are generated with the correct offset. Be mindful that DateTime itself is not timezone aware, so creating historical/future dates will always use the current $*TZ value. If that is needed, you should look at the DateTime::Timezones module which does that for you.

The $*TZ adjusting feature may be moved into a different module down the road but the behavior will be maintained (at the cost of an additional dependency for this one).

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Copyright © 2022 Matthew Stephen Stuckwisch. Licensed under the Artistic License 2.0