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Revision history for CBOR-Simple

0.1.3  2022-07-31T17:16:36-07:00
  - Support testing back to Rakudo 2021.02, the earliest release that supports
    the zef/fez ecosystem natively; this allows downstreams to run CI against
    older Rakudo releases back to 2021.02 as well.

0.1.2  2022-04-18T12:16:05-07:00
  [Bug Fix]
  - Fix encoding of NaNs in packed numeric arrays on platforms with signed NaN
    (originally reported on Windows); this already worked for all other variants

0.1.1  2021-11-09
  - Remove Unicode BiDi control characters that had slipped into the docs with
    a copy/paste

  - Support Capture round-tripping using new tag (for which this module is the
    reference implementation!).  Note that the tag number used (25441) must be
    considered EXPERIMENTAL until the spec has been ratified, so do not consider
    serializations using this tag to be long-term durable.  For more details see:
  - Refactor typed array packing for less needless repetition
  - Support int and uint packed native arrays (RFC 8746 tags 64-79)

  - Factored test helpers out into a common test library
  - Rearranged tests for easier maintenance
  - Test all implemented native array subtags of RFC 8746 (typed arrays)

0.1.0  2021-09-09
  [Breaking Changes]
  - Date objects (*not* DateTime) are now properly serialized as tag 100,
    instead of serializing them as a DateTime with zeroed time components

  - Vastly expanded Pod/README docs, with several new sections
  - Support status details for every CBOR tag known to IANA

  - Detection of invalid tag numbers
  - Support manual tag wrapping using CBOR::Simple::Tagged wrapper objects
  - Support delayed/lazy-decoding tags
    *    24: encoded CBOR value
    *    63: encoded CBOR Sequence
  - Support for several other new tags
    *    31: absent value
    *   100: Date expressed as days since epoch
    *   258: Set
    *   259: Map with object keys
    *   264: Decimal fraction with arbitrary exponent
    *   265: Bigfloat with arbitrary exponent
    *   275: Map with only string keys
    *  1004: Date expressed as yyyy-mm-dd string
    * 55800: Self-described CBOR Sequence

  - Refactored common code
  - Improved encodes-to descriptions
  - Added malformed tests section for tag syntax/content requirements
  - Dropped perf-test script in favor of pointing users to serializer-perf

0.0.9  2021-06-07
  - Lots of small-to-medium performance improvements for *non-packed* data
  - Encode ±Inf and NaN as 16 bit floats if possible

0.0.8  2021-05-12
  - Partial support for RFC 8746 Typed Arrays tag
    * Common code and constants
    * Packed num arrays, both encode and decode
      (2+ orders of magnitude faster than unpacked Num arrays)
    * Fallback support for encoding intarrays that encodes as standard Arrays
  - Version dependency on TinyFloats

0.0.7  2021-05-02
  - Improve performance in many small (a few %) to medium (2x) ways,
    both for encoding and decoding

0.0.6  2021-04-29
  - Add cbor-diagnostic($cbor) routine to decode into text diagnostics
  - Add RFC 8949 Appendix A diagnostic tests

  - Support decoding Decimal Fraction (4) and Bigfloat (5) tags
  - Support 'self-describing CBOR' tag (55799)
  - Switch epoch time tag (1) to decode as Instant

  - Improve README

0.0.5  2021-04-26
  - Support parsing 16-bit floats, using the new TinyFloats module

0.0.4  2021-04-24
  - perf-test script added to tools/
  - More general performance optimization
  - Now requires nqp for nqp::istype (which sped type testing quite a bit)

0.0.3  2021-04-22
  - Low-hanging fruit performance optimizations
  - Enum and magic number reform
  - Minor tweaks

0.0.2  2021-04-21
  - Massive improvement; aside from num16, handles most core functionality

0.0.1  2021-04-20
  - Initial version, very incomplete