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Revision history for MUGS

0.1.4  2024-03-03T13:05:06-08:00
  - Add v0.1.3 release announcement and draft of v0.1.4 announcement

  - Update copyright year range in README
  - Update MUGS dependencies to 0.1.4

0.1.3  2023-06-04T13:40:01-07:00
  [Contacting us]
  - Move official IRC support channel from Freenode to Libera.Chat

  [Doc Structure]
  - Make sure every doc subdir has a README and index that links to it
  - Add Design subsection for "Fun With Numbers"

  [Design Docs]
  - Add Sources of Lag/Latency doc (in Fun With Numbers)
  - Add various WIP and speculative design docs:
    * Requirements doc for logging performance
    * Requirements for state storage
    * Draft message flow diagram
    * Tutorial for porting a solo game
    * Stub for tutorial for porting a multiplayer game

  - Update v0.1.2.md to reflect JSON::Fast PR merge

  [Howto Docs]
  - Significantly more work on create-a-ui guide, including concrete
    examples building Pop UI

  - Use mi6 UploadToZef for releases

  - Run GitHub test workflow against HEAD versions of other MUGS repos

0.1.2  2021-05-14
  - Add top-level docs/ README
  - How To
    * Add new docs/howto/ tree
    * Move Release Guide to docs/howto/
    * Add Installing MUGS guide
    * Add WIP port-a-game and create-a-ui guides
  - Design
    * Add CBOR to "Built With" doc
    * Add two "Life of a ..." docs from local tree (both need updates)
    * Add Game Classes orientation doc
    * Add Data Validation design doc
    * Add Supporting "Bullet Hell" Games rumination doc
    * Add Logo Ideas historical doc
  - Announce
    * Add 0.1.2 release announcement

0.1.1  2021-04-15
  - Roadmap
    * Fill in and tweak details
    * Clarify 0.2 versus 0.3 plans
    * Update for work done
  - Fixes
    * Minor fixes to several reviewed DDs and release guide
    * Add `Terminal::Print` to `built-with` list
  - New
    * Messaging and Communication problem statement
    * 0.1.1 release announcement

0.1.0  2021-03-21
  - Roadmap
    * Make release automation of easy bits a 0.1 todo (already done)
    * Make remaining release automation a 0.2 todo
    * Make Docker image upload a 0.2 todo as well
    * Finish remaining 0.1 todo items
  - Release guide: update for more mugs-release improvements
  - Announcements: add 0.1.0 release announcement

0.0.6  2021-03-16
  [Bug fixes]
  - Add native pq exclusion in README SYNOPSIS

  - Roadmap: several updates to intro and 0.1 todos (mostly completed tasks)
  - Release guide: minor fixes, plus switch to mugs-release tool for some steps

0.0.5  2021-03-15
  - All current games are now supported in both CLI and WebSimple UIs

0.0.4  2021-03-10
  - Support Docker builds

  - Several new or expanded docs

0.0.3  2021-03-04
  - First public upload