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Revision history for MUGS-UI-WebSimple

0.1.4  2024-03-03T10:11:07-08:00
  - Update MUGS dependencies to 0.1.4
  - Update GitHub test workflow dependencies to silence a GitHub warning

  - Move templates to resources tree so that WebSimple will render them
    correctly when installed by zef (thank you for the PR @codesections!)
  - Update copyright year range in README

  - Support templates -> resources move in tests

0.1.3  2023-06-04T12:57:24-07:00
  [Contacting us]
  - Move official IRC support channel from Freenode to Libera.Chat

  - Use UploadToZef for zef upload

  - Run GitHub test workflow against MUGS-Core/Games HEAD rather than previous release

0.1.2  2021-05-13
  [Bug fixes]
  - Fix "Use of Nil in string context in sub escape-text" warnings

  - Default --debug to False (off)
  - Switch to newer client.my-winloss() method for determining winloss status

  - Add GOTCHAS section to README

0.1.1  2021-04-15
  - Update versioned dependencies

0.1.0  2021-03-21
  - Add more generated HTML files to .gitignore

  [Coding standards]
  - Make a general help-TOPIC.crotmp convention for adding help templates

  - Split games and settings into separate pages
  - Add a help menu (containing just general help for now)
  - Simplify logged-in-home to just be a main menu
  - Disable autofocus where it confuses Orca
  - Remove weirdly voiced colons after 'leave this game' links

0.0.6  2021-03-16
  [Bug fixes]
  - Fix dependency installs in README SYNOPSIS
  - Get rid of colon in page title causing long pause in screen reader

0.0.5  2021-03-15
  - Add Test genre and Echo "game"
  - Add IF genre and Adventure game

  - Use proper header/main/footer elements in common template instead of divs
  - Add  elements for form fields

  - Simplify MUGS::App::WebSimple using MUGS::App::CroServer
  - Switch to dynamic plugin and per-game route loading
  - Refactor for DRY and OO cleanliness in MUGS::UI::WebSimple::Genre::Guessing
  - Factor common pieces of ...::Genre::Guessing into new game UI base class
  - Improve readability of MUGS::App::WebSimple
  - Improve readability and screen-reader compatibility of startup messages

  [Bug fixes]
  - Remove spurious autofocus for 'Choose Different Identities' button

0.0.4  2021-03-10
  - Support Docker builds

  [Bug fixes]
  - Flush WebSimple server startup messages immediately

0.0.3  2021-03-04
  - First public upload