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Text::MiscUtils - A bag of small text processing tricks


# English language utilities
use Text::MiscUtils::English;

say ordinal(11);               # '11th'
say ordinal(23);               # '23rd'

my $n = 2;                     # $n = 1 would give correct singular words
say _s($n, 'geese', 'goose');  # 'geese'
say "fox{_s($n, 'es')}";       # 'foxes'
say 'frog' ~ _s($n);           # 'frogs'

# Text layout utilities
use Text::MiscUtils::Layout;

evenly-spaced(12, '1', '22', '55555');  # '1  22  55555'
text-wrap(6, 'a bc def ghij');          # ['a bc', 'def', 'ghij']

text-columns(5, "12\n34\n", "abc\ndefg\nhi");
# 12     abc  
# 34     defg 
#        hi   

text-columns(4, "12\n34\n", "abc\ndefg\nhi", :sep<|>);
# 12  |abc 
# 34  |defg
#     |hi  

# Note trailing spaces to pad out to width in text-columns() example output

# Emoji/text presentation variations
use Text::MiscUtils::Emojify;

emojify('⚙');      # '⚙️ '
textify('😀');     # '😀︎'
toneify('🧑', 6);  # '🧑🏿'


Text::MiscUtils is a collection of small text processing routines, none of which are complex enough to merit their own distribution, but in aggregate add up to a bunch of finicky boilerplate no one should have to write yet again.

They get regular use by my other modules/programs, but are by no means perfect. For example, while the utilities in Text::MiscUtils::Layout should work fine with embedded ANSI color codes (ignoring them for purposes of calculating space used) and will approximate Unicode width semantics according to Unicode TR11, they don't currently handle Unicode cursor-moving control characters (such as TAB and CR) or the many non-color ANSI control sequences.


Geoffrey Broadwell gjb@sonic.net


Copyright 2016-2024 Geoffrey Broadwell

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.