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Pod::Load - Loads and compiles the Pod documentation of an external file


use Pod::Load;
use X::Pod::Load::SourceErrors;

# Try to parse a string
say pod-load(<<EOP).raku;
=head1 Header

=head2 Another header

# Read a file handle.
my $pod = load("file-with.pod6".IO);
say $pod.raku; # Process it as a Pod

# Or use simply the file name
my @pod = load("file-with.pod6");
say .raku for @pod;

# Or a string
@pod = load("=begin pod\nThis could be a comment with C<code>\n=end pod");

# Or ditch the scaffolding and use the string directly:
@pod = load-pod("This could be a comment with C<code>");

# If there's an error, it will throw X::Pod::Load::SourceErrors


Pod::Load is a module with a simple task: obtain the documentation of an external file in a standard, straighworward way.

Its mechanism was originally inspired by Pod::To::BigPage, from where the code to use the cache was taken from.

multi sub load

multi sub load(
    Str $string
) returns Mu

Loads a string, returns a Pod.

multi sub load

multi sub load(
    Str $file where { ... }
) returns Mu

If it's an actual filename, loads a file and returns the pod

multi sub load

multi sub load(
    IO::Path $io
) returns Mu

Loads a IO::Path, returns a Pod.


Do the usual:

zef install .

to install this if you've made any modification.


JJ Merelo jjmerelo@gmail.com, with help from Richard Hainsworth


Copyright 2018, 2019, 2020 JJ Merelo

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.