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2022-02-12  jmerelo  

	* lib/X/Pod/Load/SourceErrors.rakumod: For new version, exceptions extracted and taken out.

2021-11-28  jmerelo  

	* lib/Pod/Load.pm6 (Pod): Adds pod-load to address what was actually a bug in the documentation (but is actually doable). Thanks to Tom Browder @tbrowder for the bug report.

2019-06-24  JJMerelo  

	* META6.json: Fixes a problem when =output was in the middle of a sentence and not at the beginning of a line.

2019-06-11  Juan J. merelo  

	* lib/Pod/Load.pm6: This is mainly a maintenance version to avoid problems with CPAN.

2019-06-10  Juan J. merelo  

	* lib/Pod/Load.pm6 (Pod): Fixed error found by Antonio Gámiz

2019-04-13  Juan J. merelo  

	* lib/Pod/Load.pm6 (Pod): Fixes error with loading scripts; use v6 failed and besides the output at the end clashed with the module enclosure we use.

2019-03-24  Juan J. merelo  

	* lib/Pod/Load.pm6 (Pod): This needed to put evaluation in a module just in case there's something in the namespace that could be repeated. Using a module with random name hides the variables, does not affect the POD.

2018-12-18  Juan J. merelo  

	* META6.json: Bumps up with examples and improving documentation.
	nqp is not actually a dependency you can list...

2018-12-17  Juan J. merelo  

	* lib/Pod/Load.pm6 (Pod): Adds some more dependencies, and basically gets it ready for deployment in github. Thanks to Ashe Connor (@kivikakk) for the bug repors.
	(Pod): Changes to return an array of all the pods available, not just the first one.

2018-12-15  Juan J. merelo  

	* lib/Pod/Load.pm6 (Pod): Adds the multi back, and also adds a way to reconfigure the precomp store. Might be better, though.

2018-12-14  Juan J. merelo  

	* lib/Pod/Load.pm6 (Pod): Eliminates one multi to avoid confusion with Str. Leaves just the one.

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