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Services::PortMapping Test-install distro

Map ports to services (and back) for internet services. Using this CSV file included in the distribution, creates and exports 4 hashes that map ports to services and back, for UDP and TCP.

And idem with UDP instead of TCP.


We have [protocol]Services, a hash that maps port numbers to the services it hosts, and [protocol]Ports, which maps the conventional service name to the port it uses. protocol == any <TCP UDP SCTP DCCP>

No, I had never heard about these last two before

say %TCPServices<80>; # should return www-http
say %UDPPorts<domain>;   # should return 53

You can also use .keys to print the existing ports or services.


(c) JJ Merelo, jj@raku.org, 2020-2022

Released under the GPL-3.0 license.