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A Raku module for working with Excel spreadsheets (XLSX format), both reading existing files, creating new files, or modifying existing files and saving the changes. Of note, it:

This module is currently in development, and supports the subset of XLSX format features that were immediately needed for the use-case it was built for. That isn't so much, for now, but it will handle the most common needs:


Reading existing workbooks

use Spreadsheet::XLSX;

# Read a workbook from an existing file (can pass IO::Path or a
# Blob in the case it was uploaded).
my $workbook = Spreadsheet::XLSX.load('accounts.xlsx');

# Get worksheets.
say "Workbook has {$workbook.worksheets.elems} sheets";

# Get the name of a worksheet.
say $workbook.worksheets.name;

# Get cell values (indexing is zero-based, done as a multi-dimensional array
# indexing operation [row ; column].
my $cells = $workbook.worksheets[0].cells;
say .value with $cells[0;0];      # A1
say .value with $cells[0;1];      # B1
say .value with $cells[1;0];      # A2
say .value with $cells[1;1];      # B2

Creating new workbooks

use Spreadsheet::XLSX;

# Create a new workbook and add some worksheets to it.
my $workbook = Spreadsheet::XLSX.new;
my $sheet-a = $workbook.create-worksheet('Ingredients');
my $sheet-b = $workbook.create-worksheet('Matching Drinks');

# Put some data into a worksheet and style it. This is how the model
# actually works (useful if you want to add styles later).
$sheet-a.cells[0;0] = Spreadsheet::XLSX::Cell::Text.new(value => 'Ingredient');
$sheet-a.cells[0;0].style.bold = True;
$sheet-a.cells[0;1] = Spreadsheet::XLSX::Cell::Text.new(value => 'Quantity');
$sheet-a.cells[0;1].style.bold = True;
$sheet-a.cells[1;0] = Spreadsheet::XLSX::Cell::Text.new(value => 'Eggs');
$sheet-a.cells[1;1] = Spreadsheet::XLSX::Cell::Number.new(value => 6);
$sheet-a.cells[1;1].style.number-format = '#,###';

# However, there is a convenience form too.
$sheet-a.set(0, 0, 'Ingredient', :bold);
$sheet-a.set(0, 1, 'Quantity', :bold);
$sheet-a.set(1, 0, 'Eggs');
$sheet-a.set(1, 1, 6, :number-format('#,###'));

# Save it to a file (string or IO::Path name).

# Or get it as a blob, e.g. for a HTTP response.
my $blob = $workbook.to-blob();


Thanks goes to Agrammon for making the development of this module possible. If you need further development on the module and are willing to fund it (or other Raku ecosystem work), you can get in contact with Edument or Oetiker+Partner.