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Simple Read-Only interface to the AWS Secrets Manager



use Ikoko;
use Kivuli;

# Using Kivuli to get session credentials for a role in EC2
# The access-key-id and secret-access-key could come from configuration
my $k = Kivuli.new;

my $ikoko = Ikoko.new(region => 'eu-west-2', access-key-id => $k.access-key-id, secret-access-key => $k.secret-access-key, token => $k.token );

say $ikoko.get-secret-value("db-user").secret-string;


This provides a simple interface to the AWS Secrets Manager. The secrets manager enables an application to retrieve a secret credential (for, say, an RDS database ) at run time without having to save it in your application configuration.

If used with Kivuli in an EC2 or Elasticbeanstalk instance you can avoid having all credentials in the configuration or application code. When used with the temporary credentials as supplied by Kivuli the token must be provided. If you are using a permanent access key for an account then the token is optional.

For this to work the account or IAM role must have permission to retrieve the secrets, which is described here.

Currently this only implements GetSecretValue as this is most useful for an application.


Assuming you have a working installation of rakudo you should be able to install this with zef :

 zef install Ikoko


This currently only implements the bare essentials for my needs, if you need some other features or have other suggestions or patches please raise an issue on Github and I'll see what I can do.

Although the unit tests are rather thin, rest assured that I have tested this manually and is being used in the project I wrote it for.

This is free software. Please see the LICENCE in the distribution for details.

© Jonathan Stowe 2021