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Provide a trait and role to identify opt-in JSON serialization



use JSON::OptIn;

class Foo {
   # The attribute will be serialized if opt-in has been selected
   has Str $.bar is json;



This provides a trait and a role for the identification of 'opt in' serialisiable attributes in, for example, JSON::Marshal. It's probably not necessary to use this directly as it will be required by e.g. JSON::Name but it's just more convenient to package it separately.


You probably don't need to install this separately unless you are creating a new module that might use it, as it will be pulled in as a dependency where it is needed, however if you have a working rakudo installation you can install it with zef:

zef install JSON::OptIn;


This doesn't provide any user facing functionality, it is likely that if you are experiencing problems then it is in some module that depends on this. However you can report issues at GitHub.

This is free software please see the LICENCE file in the distribution for details.

© Jonathan Stowe 2021