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Abstraction over the SPDX License List

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use License::SPDX;

my $l = License::SPDX.new;

if $l.get-license('Artistic-2.0') -> $license {
	pass "licence is good";
	if $license.is-deprecated-license {
		warn "deprecated licence";
else {
	flunk "not a good licence";


This provides an abstraction over the SPDX License List as provided in JSON format. Its primary raison d'être is to help the licence checking of Test::META and to allow for the warning about deprecated licences therein.

The intention is to update this with a new license list (and up the version,) every time the SPDX list is updated.


Assuming that you have a working Rakudo compiler you should be able to install this using zef :

zef install License::SPDX

# Or from a local clone

zef install .


This is a very simple module, but if you have any suggestions or patches etc please send them to https://github.com/jonathanstowe/License-SPDX/issues

This is free software, please the LICENCE in the distribution.

© Jonathan Stowe 2019-2021

The SPDX Data licensing is described here, the JSON data is included verbatim from source.