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Provide an interface to the monit monitoring daemon

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use Monitor::Monit;

# use default settings
my $mon = Monitor::Monit.new;

for $mon.service -> $service {
	say $service.name, " is ", $service.status-name;


Monit is a lightweight, relatively simple and widely used system and application monitoring service.

This provides a mechanism to interact with its http api.


In order for this to be useful you will need to have 'monit' installed, most Linux distributions provide it as a package.

If you set the enviromment variable MONIT_TEST_LIVE the tests will attempt to connect to a monit daemon on the local host with the default port and credentials, if there is no connection then the online tests will be skipped.

By default the monit daemon will be configured to only listen for local connections on the loopback interface, if you wish to work with a remote monit daemon you may need to alter the monit configuration accordingly.

You can provide the details for the running monit daemon you want to test with by setting some environment variables before running the tests:

Additionally, if the environment variable MONIT_TEST_CONTROL is set to a true value, the tests will attempt to control the services, you probably don't want to do this on a production system.

Assuming you have a working Rakudo installation then you should be able to install with zef :

zef install Monitor::Monit


I've only tested this against my particular configuration of monit so it is entirely possible that I have missed something that is important to you, please feel to make suggestions at https://github.com/jonathanstowe/Monitor-Monit/issues

It is possible that it may not work properly with certain older versions of monit though I can't pinpoint which versions and it's difficult to test so any help with that would be appreciated.

This is free software.

Please see the LICENCE file in this directory.

© Jonathan Stowe 2016 - 2021