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Declarative creation of Tinky machines

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This is the functional equivalent to the Tinky synopsis:

use Tinky;
use Tinky::Declare;

class Ticket does Tinky::Object {
    has Str $.ticket-number = (^100000).pick.fmt("%08d");
    has Str $.owner;

my $workflow = workflow 'ticket-workflow', {
    initial-state 'new';
    workflow-state 'new';
    workflow-state 'open';
    workflow-transition 'open', 'new', 'open';

    workflow-state 'rejected' , {
        on-enter -> $object {
            say "** sending rejected e-mail for Ticket '{ $object.ticket-number }' **";

    workflow-transition 'reject', 'new', 'rejected';
    workflow-transition 'reject', 'open','rejected';
    workflow-transition 'reject', 'stalled','rejected';

    workflow-state 'in-progress';
    workflow-state 'stalled';

    workflow-transition 'stall', 'open', 'stalled';
    workflow-transition 'stall', 'in-progress', 'stalled', {
        on-apply-transition -> $object {
            say "** rescheduling tickets for '{ $object.owner }' on ticket stall **";

    workflow-state 'completed';

    workflow-transition 'unstall', 'stalled', 'in-progress';
    workflow-transition 'take', 'open', 'in-progress';
    workflow-transition 'complete', 'open', 'complete';
    workflow-transition 'complete', 'in-progress', 'complete';

    on-transition -> ( $transition, $object ) {
        say "Ticket '{ $object.ticket-number }' went from { $transition.from.name }' to '{ $transition.to.name }'";

    on-final-state -> ( $state, $object) {
        say "** updating performance stats with Ticket '{ $object.ticket-number }' entered State '{ $state.name }'"


my $ticket-a = Ticket.new(owner => "Operator A");





$ticket-a.state = $workflow.state('stalled');


There are further examples in the distribution.


This provides a declarative interface to create Tinky 'workflow' objects. You probably want to familiarise yourself with the Tinky documentation to get an idea of what is going on under the hood.

Essentially it creates a small DSL that allows you to create a Tinky::Workflow populated with the State and Transition objects that describe the workflow. Because the underlying objects are created for you only those features of Tinky that don't require sub-classing are exposed, such as tapping the supplies for leaving and entering a state (or all states,) the application of a transition (or all transitions,) and application of the workflow to an object, as well as validation callbacks for all of those events.

The full documentation is in the distribution.


Assuming that you have a working installation of Rakudo you should be able to install this with zef :

zef install Tinky::Declare

# Or from a checkout of this repository

zef install .


Hopefully this will prove useful, if only as an inspiration to make something better. Please post any suggestions/fixes/patches at Github

This is free software.

Please see LICENCE for the details.

© Jonathan Stowe 2021