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Revision history for Net-Postgres

0.0.4  2023-07-11T01:42:22+02:00
    - Add transaction method
    - Quote channel name when listening
    - Add aliases for ResultSet/PreparedStatement/Notification
    - Add query-status delegate method

0.0.3  2023-06-11T13:37:35+02:00
    - Add connect-local and connect methods
    - Merge Net::Postgres::ResultSet with Protocol::Postgres::ResultSet
    - Adapt to notification multiplexer logic moving into the Client
    - Add user defined type handling

0.0.2  2023-05-20T20:00:11+02:00
    - Add objects and object to ResultSet
    - Use helper for default typemap
    - Switch module over to fez

0.0.1  2022-02-19T16:26:29+01:00
    - Initial version