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Revision history for SQL-Abstract

0.0.9  2024-04-28T23:13:20+02:00
    - Make MySQL's update handling pass placeholders to render-source

0.0.8  2024-03-04T01:55:54+01:00
    - Refactor quoting to handle * correctly
    - Add String term
    - Add Builder classes
    - Add upsert

0.0.7  2023-09-09T17:01:45+02:00
    - Split Renderer into Postgres, SQLite and MySQL
    - Eliminate renderer default
    - Make sub not pass the right variable name

0.0.6  2023-06-07T21:23:14+02:00
    - Give helper subs package scope
    - Make whatever star a constant instead of an identifier
    - Add delegate-pair and delegate-pairs functions

0.0.5  2023-05-31T16:48:16+02:00
    - Add Capture expressions
    - Rename :isnull to :null
    - Add :in pair handling to Conditions
    - Add :and and :or pairs to partial conditions
    - Eliminate Identifier(List) constructor
    - Remove hash partial conditions
    - Rename :name argument of Function to :function

0.0.4  2023-05-25T22:13:45+02:00
    - Allow locking clause to specify multiple tables
    - Allow multiple locking clauses in Select
    - Add pair-pair converter for column
    - Allow for multiple upsert clauses
    - Add support for CURRENT OF
    - Rename delay to delegate
    - Allow for easier use of over on named windows
    - Allow custom precedence for render()
    - Rename $common-tables to $common

0.0.3  2023-05-19T18:45:23+02:00
    - Split out Placeholders to SQL::Placeholders
    - Move Query to SQL::Query

0.0.2  2022-10-15T13:49:47+02:00
    - Make GroupBy support non-trivial grouping elements
    - Allow for constants in Conditions

0.0.1  2022-09-26T17:31:20+02:00
    - Initial version