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Revision history for highlighter

0.0.18  2022-10-30T12:21:39+01:00
    - Make highlighter only highlight the first if multiple needles given,
      as trying multiple makes life very difficult with completely free
      strings before and after, and the :summmary-if-larger-than feature.
    - Add support for "equal" type to "highlighter", "matches" and "columns"
      mostly to allow easier interfacing with App::Rak
    - Introduce the "Type" role that allows you to assign a type to a
      string, so it can be passed around without needing to tag the type

0.0.17  2022-10-28T13:26:05+02:00
    - Make "highlighter" try to highlight all patterns if multiple given

0.0.16  2022-10-23T14:50:03+02:00
    - Allow for a list of needles to "highlighter", "matches" and "columns"
    - Rework the documentation so that each subroutine has its own section
    - Add support for selective importing

0.0.15  2022-10-01T13:15:50+02:00
    - Make "matches" return Empty for slips without elements

0.0.14  2022-08-30T19:41:04+02:00
    - Make "matches" always return a Slip

0.0.13  2022-08-30T05:38:45+02:00
    - Add support for "matches" subroutine
    - Add sponsor link
    - Update copyright year

0.0.12  2022-07-19T14:11:31+02:00
    - Add support for "ends-with" as :type value

0.0.11  2022-07-16T13:20:22+02:00
    - Fix issue with highlighting on regexes: this feels like
      some kind of dispatch issue in Rakudo, so work around it
      for now

0.0.10  2022-07-16T12:13:01+02:00
    - Fix issue with "columns" on regexes

0.0.9  2022-07-14T15:40:02+02:00
    - Have columns($,&) return (0,) always, to indicate that
      the line matched, but could not tell where in the line

0.0.8  2022-07-14T15:21:03+02:00
    - Make column info 1-base, rather than 0-based, for easier
      interface with editors

0.0.7  2022-07-14T14:59:42+02:00
    - Add support for "columns" sub to just return the columns
      at which highlighting should occur

0.0.6  2022-07-09T13:55:05+02:00
    - Add support for :summary-if-larger-than named argument

0.0.5  2022-06-24T11:32:59+02:00
    - Remove dead code
    - Add support for ":only" named argument.

0.0.4  2022-06-23T11:08:04+02:00
    - Handle capture markers by reverting to using .match

0.0.3  2022-06-20T22:03:43+02:00
    - Add candidate for Callable as a needle

0.0.2  2022-06-19T22:34:42+02:00
    - Up dependency on "has-word"
    - Add sponsor link
    - Add support for :i for case insensitive
    - Add support for :m / :ignoremark for base characters only
    - Update copyright year

0.0.1  2021-12-21T22:28:09+01:00
    - Initial version