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Revision history for DateTime::TimeZone

0.10.2  2022-03-13T15:52:02+01:00
    - Add reference to DateTime::Timezones and
    - Added a "dtz" helper script for converting epoch,
      date or datetime values into a given timezone.
    - Linked timezones now live in the "parent" class, and
      are "linked" in the META6.json file.  This reduces the
      number of source-files (and thus installable modules)
      by several hundred, while only adding minimal overhead
      to loading a "parent" class.  But making loading a
      linked class significantly faster as it now has one
      level less of indirection in module loading.
    - Calling the "timezone" sub without any parameters now
      exposes a Map with timezone => class name pairs.
    - An "IsTimeZone" subset is now exported, allowing
      signatures to accept a string that is a valid timezone.
    - Complete rewrite of timezone data parsing logic
      - Instead of using a grammar, revert to using a line
        based approach as the format of the timezone data
        is line based and *very* simple and all elements
        are whitespace-delimited, so a simple ".words"
        can do the job in most situations.
      - Parsing logic now does almost everything (except
        checking whether there is a more up-to-date version
        of the Olson database).  It created the class and
        test files, updates the META6.json and the valid
        timezones Map in DateTime::Timezone.

0.10.1  2022-03-04T14:21:11+01:00
    - First version in the zef ecosystem
    - Moved extended tests to xt directory
    - Some tweaks in generator scripts