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2023-10-17  v0.3.7

    * File extensions now follow the Raku conventions
    * References also follow the Raku terminology
    * Remove Vim highlighter pragmas from the sources
    * The dist consistently uses v6.d semantics
    * Some polishing in the META6 file

2022-11-30  v0.3.6

    * A few minors have been skipped, but I don't think there are major changes
    * Eliminates some deprecated functions.
    * Minor refactoring.
    * Adds some tests

2021-02-22  v0.3.1

	* Remove the meta test (Test::META depends on this module.)

2019-08-25  v0.3.0

	* Allow mutation of a URI in user code

	This contains potentially incompatible changes. Please see README.md

2019-06-29  v0.2.2

	* Fix double encoding of path parts

2019-06-12  Juan J. merelo  

	* lib/URI/Escape.pm: Eliminates a debug "say" that was bugging some other stuff.

New features for June 2011 upgrade include:

1) Make "new" method a useful parsing constructor.

2) Add "parse" method to replace "init".

3) Formalize access to result parse tree created by grammar parsing.  URI
    object has grammar attribute which in turn has a parse_result attribute,
    with full parse tree, giving caller access to all URI components identified
    in IETF RFC.

4) Add query_form method providing access to hash based on "?var1=abc&var2=def"
    query section for CGI type applications.

5) Add 'validating' attribute that, when set to true, tells the URI module to
    fail parsing unless the entire string it is asked to parse is a URI.
    Default is to provide Perl 5 URI behavior and just try to parse URI from
    passed parse string.  "is_validating"" attribute can be set as named param
    to new.

6) Pluggable grammar design with "grammar" attribute that identifies grammar
    used to parse URI, provides access to result parse tree, and (theoretically
    for now) allows for use of other grammars like IRI.