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Parsing JSON as fast as possible in Raku using simdjson. This library is around 3.3x faster than JSON::Tiny and about on par with JSON::Fast, but, as time goes on I think this dist should perform better (once I get around to using more nqp).

How to install

Latest nightly

zef install -v https://github.com/rawleyfowler/JSON-Simd.git

Latest stable

zef install JSON-Simd

How to use

Simply provide any JSON string

use JSON::Simd;

my @users = JSON::Simd::parse('[ { "name": "bob" }, { "name": "kenny" } ]');
@users[0].say; # { name => bob }


This project is bundled along-side simdjson which is provided under the Apache-2.0 License. That includes all directories under cc/lib/simdjson. The rest of the code is provided under the Artistic-2.0 License, the same license as Raku.