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IO::Archive - Adds libarchive capabilities to IO::Path objects


Note: Requires libarchive to be installed and in place raku can find it.

For MacOS try; brew install libarchive

# Get a list of the files in the archive
my @files = "test-archive.tgz".IO.arch-list;

# Extract a specific file to a destination
"test-archive.tgz".IO.arch-extract( @files[2], $dest );

# extract the contents of a file in the archive to a string
my Str $str-buf = "test-archive.tgz".IO.arch-extract( @files[2] );

# extract the contents of a file in the archive to a Buf (for non-text files)
my Buf $buf = "test-archive.tgz".IO.arch-extract-buf( @files[3] );

# Extract all the files from the archive to a given destination
"test-archive.tgz".IO.arch-extract-all( $dest );

# Create an archive 
"new-archive.tgz".IO.arch-create( @file-paths );

# Add or update a file to an archive
"new-archive.tgz".IO.arch-insert( $file ); 

# NOTE: arch-insert works more like a refresh. It will take the list of existing files, add the 
# new file to the list, make sure all the files exist (throwing an error if not). Then
# remove the original archive file (new-archive.tgz) and recreate it containing the full list of files.


IO::Archive adds archive methods to the IO::Path class to create and extract from archive files like tgz, zip, bzip and any other archive that is handled by libarchive.


Scott Sotka ssotka@gmail.com


Copyright 2024 Scott Sotka

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.