Rand Stats


2.1.0  2023-06-14T16:05:14-05:00
    - Removed the unneeded 'is export' trait from sub 'abbreviations'.
    - Improved sorting routines for consistency and expected results
      by using an updated 'sort-list' function to clarify the
      type and order of the various sorting types
      + Added an enum Sort-type to define the sort types
      + Made the default sort type LS (length first,
        then by string order).
      + Added an option to reverse the output
      + Added tests
    - Updated the README for improved grammar and better
      coverage of details.
    - Added a :$min-length parameter for abbreviations.
    - Created a new output format: HA (Hash Abbrev)
      consisting of the word as key and its shortest
      abbreviation as its value.
      + added tests for it
    - Made the default output the HA type.
    - Use the three-OS test workflow.

2.0.0  2022-07-23T17:49:28-05:00
    - Remove the auto-abbreviate sub and rewrite the get-abbrevs sub
      to maxmize abbreviation creation
    - Add new tests for the upgraded abbreviations algorithm
    - Update README.pod
    - Change author email

1.0.3  2022-06-04T06:46:07-05:00
    - Update Meta6 description to match the README (capitalize the first word)

1.0.2  2022-06-04T05:54:32-05:00
    - Remove meta testing which caused installation problems
    - Update copyright

1.0.1  2021-12-06T06:02:30-06:00
    - Converted to live on the Zef repository

1.0.0  2021-05-15T19:54:14-05:00
    - API 2 with significant differences in output formats
    - Added an enum type and named option to identify the desired output type, 
      removed the old multiple named option selectors
    - Add the ':lower-case' option to use lower-case for the entire 
      input word set (which is permanently modified)
    - Added a new exportable routine 'sort-list' to sort a list first by the 
      default order and then by word length (shortest first, but selectable)
    - Ensure the order of input lists of words to abbreviate is retained 
      in all the appropriate output formats 
    - Corrected the algorithms to handle subgroups to
      enable larger abbreviation sets
    - Removed the pod for the README to its own file in ./docs
    - Added a new test for the utility subs
    - Corrected tests for the new features and API
    - All output lists and strings are sorted by default order first and then 
      length (shortest first)
    - Changed hash output key values from strings to sorted lists

0.3.3  2021-05-08T09:33:07-05:00
    - Corrected several grammatical errors
    - Removed the travis file

0.3.2  2020-08-07T05:44:26-05:00
    - Remove pod trailing declaration which mi6 uses

0.3.1  2020-08-07T05:25:15-05:00
    - Move away an unintended file in the lib directory
    - Tweak doc format

0.3.0  2020-08-06T21:24:05-05:00
    - Corrected and simplified empty input word set handling
    - Corrected tests
    - Improved documentation

0.2.0  2020-08-06T14:29:25-05:00
    - More tests added for full coverage 
    - Corrected duplicate word handling

0.1.0  2020-08-06T11:18:07-05:00
    - API change
      - sub abbreviations parameter list changed: ($input, :$Str, :$List, :$warn)
        - Default output type is now Hash
        - Output type can be selected as Str or List if desired
        - Str takes precedence over List if both are selected
      - More tests added
      - Documentation updated

0.0.1  2020-08-05T04:54:19-05:00
    - Initial version