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Holidays::US::Federal - Provides names, dates, and dates observed for US Federal holidays


use Holidays::US::Federal;
use UUID::V4;

my $year = 2025;
my $set-id = uuid-v4; # A unique ID for the set of holidays so they can be
                      # merged with other C<Date::Event> sets for calendar
                      # generation;
my %us = get-fedholidays :$year, :$set-id;
# Keys of the '%us' hash are the C<$year>'s dates with holidays
my @d = %us.keys.sort({$^a cmp $^b}); # Get array in date order
for @d -> $D {
    my Date $date .= new: $D; # Get the Date
    my %h = %us{$date};       # All the events on that date, should always be 1 for
                              # this set of US holidays
    # The value of %h is another hash keyed by: ($set-id ~ '|' ~ $id)
    # but we only break that key down for testing.
    #    %h{$h.date}{$key} = $holiday;
    my $holiday;
    for %h.keys -> $key {
        $holiday = %h{$key}; # The C<FedHoliday> class object (a C<Date::Event>)
        # use the data for a calendar day cell
        my $d  = $holiday.date;
        my $do = $holiday.date-observed;
        my $n  = $holiday.name;
        my $ns = $holiday.short-name;


Holidays::US::Federal is a module that provides information on the eleven official U.S. federal holidays as of 2023-03-08 according to data available online at https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/pay-leave/federal-holidays/. A description of the rules for traditional dates and when holidays are actually observed as paid holidays off for federal employees is also found on the site. All the data reflect current laws in Title 5 US Code Section 6103.

This module provides a routine which provides a hash of the holidays for a given year keyed by each holiday's traditional date. Each key is a Raku Date, and the key's value is a class FedHoliday is Date::Event object. The data are perpetual for any given year as long as Title 5 US Code Section 6103 stays unchanged.

For this collection there should be no overlapping holidays. Each instance is one with two different date attributes: (1) the traditional date and (2) the date-observed which is the paid day-off for most federal government employees (as well as for many other employees in the US labor force). If the dates are identical, then that date is the only one to use on a calendar. If they are different, then both should be used.

Note the holidays also have a short-name attribute which is not official but has the value used by the author for his calendars in order to fit nicely in a day cell on Letter paper using the author's Calendar module. With that style, day cells should be a bit wider (but shorter) when using A4 paper, so the official name may fit satisfactorily in that case. Please file an issue if you have a suggested 'short-name' for those currently without a value.


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Tom Browder tbrowder@acm.org


© 2024 Tom Browder

This library is free software; you may redistribute it or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.