Rand Stats


3.4.3  2024-05-06T16:01:13-05:00
    - Fix doc error

3.4.2  2024-04-30T18:12:06-05:00
    - Add new options to sub 'normalize-string':
      + 'tabs'
         - keep or normalize tabs
      + 'newlines'
         - keep or normalize newlines
      + 'collapse-ws-to'
         - collapse all contiguous spaces, tabs, and newlines
           to one's choice
    - Add new option to sub 'strip-comment':
      + 'first':
         - requires the comment character to be the
           first non-whitespace character on the line,
           otherwise, no comment is defined

3.4.1  2024-04-23T08:20:00-05:00
    - Add new option to sub 'strip-comment':
      + 'normalize-all': 
          - normalizes the returned string
          - also normalizes the returned comment when
              the 'save-comment' option is True
    - Added test for new option

3.4.0  2024-04-09T14:57:37-05:00
    - Ensure the returned comment has all text from the comment
        character to the end of that line
    - Add new test and modify existing tests as required
    - Add alias named arg to sub strip-comment:
      + :mark(:$comment-char) <= new alias '$comment-char'
    - Tweak docs

3.3.3  2024-03-31T14:15:26-05:00
    - Upgrade Github workflows actions to @v4
    - Add missing .yml suffix to workflow files in dist.ini

3.3.2  2024-03-31T07:22:30-05:00
    - Change Github workflows to three-OS tests
    - Use KMP-Matcher from module module AlgorithmsIT in sub 'count-substrings'
    - Rearrange order of sub descriptions in the README
    - Add sub sort-list (from module Abbreviations)
      + add tests
    - Improve sub 'wrap-text' to use FontFactory
    - Use better returns at sub end (eliminate explicit 'return')
    - Use latest Font::AFM (ver 1.24.10)
    - Improve documentation
    - Add test for normalizing newlines and tabs in strings
    - Removed deprecated code (sub write-paragraph)

3.3.1  2023-01-04T11:25:21-06:00
    - Make 'normalize-string' and 'normalize-text' separate routines

3.3.0  2022-10-27T07:37:56-05:00
    - Correctly handle real numbers to preserve two decimal places
      since 'commify' as a default
    - Add option to specify number of decimal places to be shown

3.2.0  2022-09-17T18:27:09-05:00
    - Correct workflow/test.yml
    - Eliminate non-Linux testing for now
    - Correct Github support paths in META6.json file
    - Remove 'ask' which is now in its own module
    - Remove dependencies in 'test-depends' since it's now in workflows/test.yml

3.1.0  2022-08-22T18:02:43-05:00
    - Export 'ask' as an alias for routine 'prompt

3.0.6  2022-06-04T16:48:15-05:00
    - Update dependency on Font::AFM updated version
    - REALLY remove dependency on Test::META

3.0.5  2022-06-04T10:16:53-05:00
    - Remove dependency on Test::META

3.0.4  2022-01-12T21:19:25-06:00
    - Update minimum version required of Font::AFM

3.0.3  2021-12-10T18:36:51-06:00
    - Publish to Zef repository
    - add alias 'normalize-text' for 'normalize-string'
      + add test for the alias
    - add sub 'typeset-text' for the equivalent signature but
      deprecated multi subs 'wrap-text' and 'wrap-para'
      + the new sub has more named params
      + add test for 'typeset-text'
    - add alias 'typeset-string' for 'typeset-text'
      + add test for the alias
    - add alias 'typeset-line' for 'typeset-text'
      + add test for the alias
    - improve documentation
    - correct typos in docs

3.0.2  2021-01-28T18:15:26-06:00
    - add new multi sub 'wrap-text'
      + provides text wrapping for max line width
        for a PostScript or PDF font at
        a desired font size
      + input is a text string or a list of
      + added an 'AFM-font' class to wrap a font and
        font size along with convenience
        methods and attributes
      + added tests for the AFM-font class
      + added a rudimentary test for the two subs
    - add a multi sub 'wrap-paragraph' that
      takes a text string in addition to a
      list of words
    - added new classes for future use:
      + class BBox
      +class Line
      +class Para
    - miscellanous doc and formatting updates

3.0.1  2021-01-15T12:45:02-06:00
    - update copyright year

3.0.0  2021-01-15T12:41:49-06:00
    - bumped api to 3
    - correct edition number of Perl Cookbook referenced
    - removed two deprecated routines:
      + 'strip-comment' with optional second arg as comment char
        a non-standard char must now be chosen with the :mark arg
      + 'write-paragraph' with write to file handle
    - sub 'write-paragraph' is DEPRECATED (and error-prone);
        please use new sub 'wrap-paragraph' instead
    - added new sub 'wrap-paragraph' to replace
        deprecated sub 'write-paragraph'
    - added new options to new sub 'wrap-paragraph'

2.2.1  2020-10-16T19:22:42-05:00
    - add new routine `list2text`
    - add tests for new routine
    - remove travis file and change to Github workflow CI test
    - add App:Mi6 support
    - correct and improve README (now in Pod inside the main module,
      extracted and converted to `Markdown by App::Mi6`)

2.1.1  2020-04-06T11:00-05:00
    - add test for required failure for trying to trim a non-string
    - update for travis.com testing

2.1.0  2020-02-12
    - remove the sub strip-comment check and fail lines with only the
      comment char at the beginning of the line and no other content
    - modify tests to check the new behavior

2.0.1  2019-12-18
    - add test to ensure tabs are handled properly
    - note that v2.0.0 was never uploaded to CPAN

2.0.0  2019-12-18
    - add multi version of strip-comment routine
    - update API to 2
    - deprecate the original signature;
      it will be removed in version 3.0.0.
    - improve robustness of strip-comment to multi-char comment marks
    - add tests for it

1.0.0  2019-12-17
    - started a renamed version of module Text::More (which is now deprecated)
    - improved routine 'strip-comment' to allow returning the comment as well
      as the stripped input line
    - improved routine 'strip-comment' to allow normalizing the returned
    - improved documentation by using Raku pod declarator blocks