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Revision history for Prime-Factor

0.4.2  2023-02-26T10:46:47-05:00
    Add sigma-sum() and aliquot-sum convenience routines
    Test sigma-sum and aliquot-sum routines
    Give up on Window CI testing. It fails 19 out of 20 times for no reason.

0.4.1  2022-12-23T12:52:49-05:00

    Migrate to the sef ecosystem

0.4.0 Jun 2 2021
	Modify behavior for "bad" parameters. Attempt to recover gracefully.
	Return a Failure for "bad" parameters rather than just die()ing.
	Test new bahavior.
	Make some existing testing more rigorous.

0.3.2 Dec 22 2020
	proper-divisors(1) now more accurately returns an empty list.
	Reconfigure breakpoint between "small" and "large" integers.
	Expand docs.

0.3.1 Dec 21 2020
	Add options to divisors() and proper-divisor() routines.
    Add tests for new options.
	Update docs and regen.

0.3.0 Dec 20 2020
	Add divisors() and proper-divisor() routines.
	New tests for new routines.
	Update Docs.

0.2.4 Oct 29 2018
	Fix for stricter placement of use V6.

0.2.3 Jul 10 2018
	Add small prime pre-filtering.
	Various performance tweaks. 

0.2.2 Apr 23 2017
	Minor tweking and optimizations.
	Expand testing to larger numbers

0.2.1 Jul 13 2016
	Speed up a few percent for common cases.

0.2.0 Jun 25 2016
	Refactor to be more deterministic.
    Remove randomizer. Hurt as much as it helped and made timings inconsistant.
	Minor tweaks to improve speed.

0.1.1 June 22 2016
	Restrict randomizer for rho algorithm.
	Was causing wildly different timings run to run.

0.1.0 Jun 21 2016
	Heavily influenced by Damian Conway presentation "On the shoulder of giants"
	Change to use Pollard's rho algorithm for factoring.
	Blatently stole code from presentation and expanded on it.
	New tests.

0.0.2 Jan 15 2016
	Speed up generation of primes. Still slow but better.

0.0.1 Jan 10 2016
	Initial commit. 
	Slow, buggy but it works... mostly.