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Native::Compile - Native Compiling for Raku Modules


# META6.json
"resources" : [ "libraries/mylib" ]

# MyModule.rakumod
my constant LIB = %?RESOURCES<libraries/mylib>;
sub myfunc() is native(LIB) {}

# A Simple Build.rakumod example:
use Native::Compile;
class Build {
  method build($dir) {
      build :$dir, :lib<mylib>, :src<src/myfile.c>

# More explicit separate steps Build.rakumod:
use Native::Compile;
class Build {
    method build($dir) {
        indir $dir, {
            my $obj = compile('src/myfile.c');
            link('mylib', @$obj);

# A more complicated Build.rakumod:
use Native::Compile;
class Build {
  method build($dir, :$verbose, :$dryrun) {
      build :$dir, :lib<mylib>, :src<src/myfile.c>, :cc<clang>,
      :extra-cflags<-O>, :$verbose, :$dryrun, :clean,
      fallback => [ %( :os<windows>              # special name for windows
                       :hash<abcd343534...> ),   # SHA256
                    %( :os<darwin>,
                       :version(v10.14+),        # Version comparisons
                       :hash<abcd343534...> ) ]


Compile C and C++ sources, linking them into a shared library in the module resources. If a prebuilt library is available for Windows or Mac OS/X, it can download it if a compiler is not available.

This module also exports a MAIN subroutine so you can make your Build.rakumod executable and things will just work. It takes the -v / --verbose and -n / --dryrun flags and passes them on to the Build.build(), which can be useful for debugging the build process.

It exports a number of subroutines that capture what I've observed as frequent boilerplate for doing this sort of thing throughout the ecosystem. Many examples seem to do it slightly differently, and I'm not sure this is yet optimal. This is still a work in progress, and the interface may still change. I'd like to support the most common cases here, making easy things easy. Hopefully the build subroutine is all you really need, though the other functions are exposed if they are useful. You can manually perform the compile/link steps in class Build if needed.

This module is modelled after, and draws from LibraryMake. It doesn't have the full capabilities of LibraryMake, but for very simple and common cases, it reduces the amount of required boilerplate. If you need more complex capabilities, just write a full Makefile and use LibraryMake.

That said, if there is a capability you think would fit into this module, please propose, either an idea, or even a patch.


sub get-vars(*%args)

Get various compiling variables ala LibraryMake Many of the variables are retrieved from the VM, based on the original system compilation. Some are overridden by more appropriate choice. Each of the variables can also be overridden by named parameters passed in to this routine, and finally by Environment variables.

sub win-hash($path, :$verbose, :$dryrun)

Use Windows powershell to compute a sha256 hash of a file

sub win-fetch($url, $file, :$verbose, :$dryrun)

Use Windows powershell to download a file from a url

sub openssl-hash($path, :$verbose, :$dryrun)

Use openssl to compute a sha256 hash

sub curl-fetch($url, $file, :$verbose, :$dryrun)

Use curl to download a file from a url

sub compile($src, :$obj, *%args)

Compile a single source file with the right compiler. Can override defaults with params :cc, :cxx, :cflags, :cxxflags, :extra-cxxflags, :ccswitch, :ccout or the usual :verbose or :dryrun. Returns the path to the compiled object.

sub link($lib, @obj, :$dir = "resources/libraries", :$cpp, *%args)

Link objects into a shared library, defaulting to the resources/libraries directory. The library name is mangled to match the system (e.g. .so, .dylib, .dll). Set the :cpp flag to foce use of the C++ to link so symbols will work right. Can override defaults with params :cxxld, :ld, :ldflags, :extra-ldflags, :ldshared, :ldout or the usual :verbose or :dryrun

sub fetch( :$lib, :$url, :$hash, :$dir = "resources/libraries", *%args)

Fetch a library from a URL, name mangle the library and install into resources/libraries by default, pass in :verbose or :dryrun as usual

sub fallback($lib, @fallback, *%args)

Process a list of fallback library fetching alternatives, each possibly with an os/version, a url for the library, and a sha256 hash for the library.

sub build(:$lib, :@src, :@fallback, :$clean, :$dir, *%args)

Build a library from sources in directory :dir compile each source file, then link. Pass in :clean to remove objects after linking. Other named parameters passed in are forwarded to the compiler/linker. Additionally a fallback list will be processed on any error if present.

sub MAIN(Str :$dir = ".", Bool :n(:$dryrun), Bool :v(:$verbose))

For command line building


This work is subject to the Artistic License 2.0.