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Note: This README will soon be updated based on new development priorities

Readline provides a Perl 6 interface to libreadline.

XXX This will probably be a frontend to Readline::Gnu when that's factored out. XXX For the moment keep all the code here in the Readline module.


Please make sure that libreadline is installed beforehand, the tests will fail otherwise. If libreadline is installed but the tests still fail, please note that the Perl 6 package searches a given set of directories for libreadline.{so,dynlib}.* files, otherwise it defaults to v7. If your libreadline installation isn't on any of these paths, or requires non-standard setup, please file an issue.

For those of you on Linux Debian and Linux-alike systems, you should be able to get the latest version with this CLI invocation:

	sudo apt-get install libreadline7

(I'd prefer to use LibraryCheck, but it fails inside the 'is native()' method call.)

On Macs, use Hombrew to install readline. If you installed Rakudo-Star with homebrew after Sept. 1 it should already be there.

If not you can install just Readline

    brew install readline

or update your rakudo-star install.

    brew upgrade rakudo-star
    zef update && zef install Readline

Or alternatively installing it from a checkout of this repo with zef:

    zef install .


See the examples/ directory in this project.


To run tests:

    prove -e perl6


Jeffrey Goff, DrForr on #perl6, https://github.com/drforr/ (Recently taken over by Daniel Lathrop (fooist), https://github.com/fooist/


Artistic License 2.0