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JSON::Path Build Status

The JSONPath query language was designed for indexing into JSON documents. It plays the same role as XPath does for XML documents.

This module implements JSON::Path. However, it is not restricted to working on JSON input. In fact, it will happily work over any data structure made up of arrays and hashes.


# Example data.
my $data = {
    kitchen => {
        drawers => [
            { knife => '🔪' },
            { glass => '🍷' },
            { knife => '🗡️' },

# A query
my $jp = JSON::Path.new('$.kitchen.drawers[*].knife');

# The first result
dd $jp.value($data);    # "🔪"

# All results.
dd $jp.values($data);   # ("🔪", "🗡️").Seq

# All paths where the results were found.
dd $jp.paths($data);    # ("\$.kitchen.drawers[0].knife",
                        #  "\$.kitchen.drawers[2].knife").Seq

# Interleaved paths and values.
dd $jp.paths-and-values($data); # ("\$.kitchen.drawers[0].knife", "🔪",
                                #  "\$.kitchen.drawers[2].knife", "🗡️").Seq

Query Syntax Summary

The following syntax is supported:

$           root node
.key        index hash key
['key']     index hash key
[2]         index array element
[0,1]       index array slice
[4:5]       index array range
[:5]        index from the beginning
[-3:]       index to the end
.*          index all elements
[*]         index all elements
[?(expr)]   filter on (Perl 6) expression
..key       search all descendants for hash key

A query that is not rooted from $ or specified using .. will be evaluated from the document root (that is, same as an explicit $ at the start).