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Validates a value or data structure (of hashes and arrays) against an OpenAPI schema definition.


use OpenAPI::Schema::Validate;

# A schema should have been deserialized into a hash at the top level.
# It will have been if you use this with OpenAPI::Model.
my $schema = OpenAPI::Schema::Validate.new(
    schema => from-json '{ "type": "string" }'

# Validate it and use the result as a boolean.
say so $schema.validate("foo");     # True
say so $schema.validate(42);        # False
say so $schema.validate(Str);       # False

# Validate it in sink context; Failure throws if there's a validation
# error; catch it and us the `reason` property for diagnostics.
for "foo", 42, Str -> $test {
    say "$test.perl() is valid";
    CATCH {
        when X::OpenAPI::Schema::Validate::Failed {
            say "$test.perl() is not valid at $_.path(): $_.reason()";


new(:%schema!, :%formats, :%add-formats)

Constructs a schema validation object, checking the schema for any errors (for example, properties having the wrong type of value, or pattern using regex syntax beyond that allowed by the OpenAPI specification).

By default, the following values of format are recognized and enforced:

All other format strings are ignored. However, it is possible to extend the validator to support additional formats by passing a hash as the add-formats named argument. The keys are the additional format to support, and the value will be something used in a smartmatch against the value being validated. The most common choices for this will be Regex or a Block.

    my $schema = OpenAPI::Schema::Validate.new(
        schema => from-json '{ "type": "string" }',
        add-formats => {
            isbn => /^(97(8|9))?\d{9}(\d|X)$/,
            percentage => { 0 <= $_ <= 100 }

Passing formats allows complete control over the formats that are validated. To disable all format validation, pass formats => {}.

validate($value, :$read, :$write)

Performs validation of the passed value. Returns True if the validation is successful, and a Failure if it is unsuccessful. This allows use in both a boolean context, or a sink context in which case the failiure will be sunk and an exception of type X::OpenAPI::Schema::Validate::Failed thrown.

OpenAPI schemas may contain the readOnly and writeOnly properties. These are used for properties that may only show up in responses and requets respectively. Thus, pass :read when validating a response, and :write when validating a request, in order to allow the appropriate properties to pass (or fail) validation. If neither of :read and :write are passed then both readOnly and writeOnly will always fail.