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The uploading author of cpan:SEGOMOS does not match the META author of zef:tony-o.



zef ecosystem - cli


fez is the command line tool used to manage your ecosystem user/pass.

current functionality:

if you have features or edge cases that would make your migration to fez easier, please open a bug here in github or message me in #raku on freenode (tonyo).


λ local:~$ fez register
>>= Email: xyz@abc.com
>>= Username: tony-o
>>= Password:
>>= registration successful, requesting auth key
>>= login successful, you can now upload dists
>>= what would you like your display name to show? tony o
>>= what's your website? DEATHBYPERL6.com
>>= public email address? xxxx
=<< your meta info has been updated


This is not necessary if you've just registered but you will eventually have to request a new key.

λ local:~$ fez login
>>= Username: tony-o
>>= Password:
>>= login successful, you can now upload dists


Update your meta info - this information is public.

λ local:~$ fez meta
>>= what would you like your display name to show? tony o
>>= what's your website? DEATHBYPERL6.com
>>= public email address? xxxx
=<< your meta info has been updated


If you're not logged in for this bit then it will prompt you to do so.

λ local:~/projects/perl6-slang-sql-master$ fez upload
>>= Slang::SQL:ver<0.1.2>:auth<zef:tony-o> looks OK
>>= Hey! You did it! Your dist will be indexed shortly.

or, if there are errors:

λ local:~/Downloads/perl6-slang-sql-master$ fez upload
=<< "tonyo" does not match the username you last logged in with (tony-o),
=<< you will need to login before uploading your dist

reset password

If you've forgotten your password, use this little guy.

λ local:~$ fez reset-password
>>= Username: tony-o
>>= A reset key was successfully requested, please check your email
>>= New Password:
>>= What is the key in your email? abcdef...
>>= password reset successful, you now have a new key and can upload dists


This is the check fez runs when you run fez upload

$ fez checkbuild
>>= Inspecting ./META6.json
>>= meta<provides> looks OK
>>= meta<resources> looks OK
>>= fez:ver<11>:auth<zef:tony-o> looks OK

-or if you have errors-

$ fez checkbuild
>>= Inspecting ./META6.json
>>= meta<provides> looks OK
=<< File "resources/config.json" in dir not found in meta<resources>
>>= fez:ver<11>:auth<zef:tony-o> could use some sprucing up

If you're rolling your own tarballs then you can specify the file to checkout with --file=, please keep in mind that checkbuild requires access to a tar that can work with compression for some of these checks.

module management

listing your modules

fez list <filter?>

$ fez list csv
>>= CSV::Parser:ver<0.1.2>:auth<zef:tony-o>
>>= Text::CSV::LibCSV:ver<0.0.1>:auth<zef:tony-o>
$ fez list
>>= Bench:ver<0.2.0>:auth<zef:tony-o>
>>= Bench:ver<0.2.1>:auth<zef:tony-o>
>>= CSV::Parser:ver<0.1.2>:auth<zef:tony-o>
>>= Data::Dump:ver<0.0.12>:auth<zef:tony-o>

removing a module

This is highly unrecommended but a feature nonetheless. This requires you use the full dist name as shown in list and is only available within 24 hours of upload. If an error occurs while removing the dist, you'll receive an email.

$ fez remove 'Data::Dump:ver<0.0.12>:auth<zef:tony-o>'
>>= Request received



fez plugin lists the current plugins in your config file(s).

fez plugin <key> 'remove'|'append'|'prepend' <value> does the requested action to in your user config.


fez can now load extensions to MAIN. this happens as a catchall at the bottom of fez and uses the first available extensions that it can and exits afterwards. eg if two extensions provide a command fez test then the first one that successfully completes (doesn't die or exit) will be run and then fez will exit.


do i need to remove modules from cpan?

No. If you want your fez modules to be prioritized then simply bump the version. Note that you can upload older versions of your modules using a tar.gz and specifing fez upload --file <path to tar.gz>.

which version will zef choose if my module is also on cpan?

zef will prioritize whichever gives the highest version and then the rest depends on which ecosystem is checked first which can vary system to system.

what's this sdist directory?

when fez bundles your source it outputs to sdist/<name>.tar.gz and then uploads that package to the ecosystem. there are two ways that fez might try to bundle your package. as of fez:ver<26+> fez will attempt to remove the sdist/ directory if no --file is manually specified

using git archive

fez will attempt to run git archive which will obey your .gitignore files. it is a good idea to put sdist/ in your root gitignore to prevent previously uploaded modules.

using tar

if there is a tar in path then fez will try to bundle everything not in hidden directories/files (anything starting with a .) and ignore the sdist/ directory.

articles about fez

if you'd like to see your article featured here, please send a pr.