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Test::Async - asynchronous, thread-sage testing


use Test::Async;

plan 2, :parallel;
subtest "Async 1" => {
    plan 1;
    pass "a test";
subtest "Async 2" => {
    plan 1;
    pass "another test";


Test::Async provides a framework and a base set of tests tools compatible with the standard Raku Test module. But contrary to the standard, Test::Async has been developed with two primary goals in mind: concurrency and extensibility.

Here is the key features provided:

The SYNOPSYS section provides an example where two subtests would be started in parallel, each in its own thread. This allows to achieve two goals: speed up big test suits by splitting them in smaller chunks; and testing for possible concurrency problems in tested code.


plan $count, :random;

subtests will be executed in random order. In this mode it is possible to catch another class of errors caused by code being dependent on the order execution.

It is also possible to combine both parallel and random modes of operation.


Test::Async::Manual, Test::Async::CookBook, Test::Async, Test::Async::Base