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Name IRC::Art


use IRC::Art;
use YourFavoriteIrcClient;

my $art = IRC::Art.new(4, 4); # A 4x4
$art.rectangle(0, 0, 3, 3, :color(4)); #draw a red square
$art.text("6.c", 1, 1, :color(13), :bold); # put the 6.c text starting at 1,1
for $art.result {
  $irc.send-message('#perl6', $_);


IRC::Art offers you a way to create basic art on IRC. It works mainly like a small graphics library with methods to "draw" like pixel, text or rectangle.


Create an IRC::Art object and use the various drawing methods on it. Every change writes over the previous of the existing execpt for the text method.

new(?width, ?height)

Create a new canvas filled with blanks (space), sized according to the width and height information.


Returns the canvas as an array of irc strings that you can put in a loop to send the art.


The Str method returns the first row of the canvas as a single string.

pixel($x, $y, :$color, $clear)

Place or clear the pixel at the given x/y coordinate

rectangle($x1, $y1, $x2, $y2, :$color, $clear)

Place or clear a rectangle of pixels from x1/y1 to x2/y2 corners

text($text, $x, $y, :$color, $bold, $bg)

Place some text, starting at the x/y coordonates.

$color is the color of the text

$bg is the color of the background

save($filename) load($filename)

Save the canvas in a Perl 6. Use load to load it.


These color are mainly indicative, it depends too much on the irc client configuration.

0 : light grey
1 : Black
2 : Dark Blue
3 : Dark Green
4 : Red
5 : Dark red
6 : Violet
7 : Orange
8 : Yellow
9 : Light Green
10 : Dark light blue
11 : Lighter blue
12 : Blue
13 : Pink
14 : Dark Grey
15 : Grey